Each month the kind guys here at the RIDE will plan a great ride that will be announced at midday the day before the day of the RIDE.


This day of motorcycle riding will include the best scenery within each area, some amazing places to get refreshments and some awesome viewpoints and photo opportunities.

The RIDE will consist of a number of way-points and a suggested route. It is up to you guys when you set off and when you arrive back home, do it to your schedule and at your pace. This means you can do the RIDE with your usual riding buddies or on your own and maybe meet other guys on the RIDE too.

When on the RIDE please take some awesome photos of you and your motorbike and post them to the RIDE on social media and we will showcase selected images on the RIDE Instagram feed.

Don't forget to use #theRIDEuk when posting so we can get to see what you have been up to!!