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Yorkshire TT - North York Moors

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Ask a biker in Yorkshire to give you their top 5 roads to ride, and I'd say that the "Yorkshire TT" will be mentioned in most responses!!

The Yorkshire TT is the nickname of the road between Helmsley & Stokesley in the North York Moors - the B1257. At approximately 20 miles from one town to the other it is a great stretch of road to get involved in!!

This road spans the National park from it's southern boundary at Helmsley, to it's northern boundary just to the south of Stokesley. With this route heading through this stunning national park you can expect typical North York Moors scenery whilst you ride this absolute belter of a road.

With a nickname like the Yorkshire TT you can imagine that the lay of the land can afford you to twist the throttle and have a play - and you can too!! This said it can nip up in places along the route and the bends can come pretty quickly which can catch you out if pushing on a bit.


Helmsley is an extremely popular location with bikers in the North Yorkshire area. The reason that this place is so popular is due to the abundance of great motorbiking roads from this small town.

On a summer weekend daytime, you can expect anything from 10's to 100's of motorcycles parked up in the market square. Bikes of all size, shape & brand are here with their owners all catching a breather, a brew and maybe an ice cream whilst admiring the other machines parked up alongside theirs.

Helmsley market square

From Helmsley you are very quickly out of the small town and up into the the surrounding hills and the Yorkshire TT is one of these routes.....

The Yorkshire TT Route - South to North

Leaving the Market Square in Helmsley, you head left at the Black Swan roundabout then hang a right at the T junction you quickly arrive at. Following this turn you are now not turning off this road for approximately 20 miles when you arrive in Stokesley.

With this route being 20 miles in length it is perfect to break it up into quarters to describe it best:

1st quarter - Mile 1 ~ Mile 5

As you exit Helmsley you hit a 40mph sign and instantly start climbing up and out of the town. Around the next bend you hit the national speed limit. From here this section is open and flowing with some slight bends that don't affect your progression and just allow you to flow through them.

In this section you are predominantly climbing however there are a couple of declines, the 1st of which takes you past one of the region's Abbey ruins - Rievaulx Abbey. As you pass the turn off for the Abbey you again climb steadily around sweeping bends and long straights that give you great views of the road ahead and also the beautiful scenery all around you from your increasingly great vantage point.

As you approach mile 5 of this great route the open fields, flowing bends and straights become woodland with many more tighter bends.

2nd quarter - Mile 5 ~ Mile 10

At almost exactly mile 5 you begin a steep descent that arrives following the 1st sharp bend of this route, a right hander at the end of an incline straight instantly takes you over the crest of the hill and showcases the brilliant views up the valley which is now on your left shoulder.

As you head down the 12% decline to the valley bottom you pick up some momentum around some very slight bends until you level out slightly where you hit the 1st of a brilliant section of opposing bends that is brilliant to ride through if you have a clear run at it, it flows perfectly. When you look at this section of bends on a map it looks like a face.

So as you make your way around the neck, chin, nose & eyebrow of this wonderful combination of bends grinning beneath your helmet, you are already looking forward to hitting this combination on the way back......

A short way after the "face bends" you emerge from the woodland covered road and back into dissecting open fields and negotiating flowing quick bends along the valley base & following the River Seph.

3rd quarter - Mile 10 ~ Mile 15

Between mile 10 and the village of Chop Gate is probably the most open, flowing and quick part of this route, with the views around staying up to par with what you have seen but this time looking up at the surrounding hills from the base of the valley. Here you see speed camera signs and as such it may pay to be a little more vigilant as it is easy to get carried away here.

Chop Gate is a tight village that is typical of the moors villages with houses directly off the main road, and a school directly off the main road so you need to chill out through here and make sure you have seen the 30mph speed limit signs following the quick entry to the village.

When you leave Chop Gate village you commence a steady climb once again. Here you spend most of your time surrounded by woodland on your left, your right or both sides. The bends aren't tight in this area but they are very frequent and this area is full of bends and undulations all the way to the top of Clay Bank where you can pull over to soak in the views from the carpark vantage point.

4th quarter - Mile 15 ~ Mile 20

From Clay bank you commence the start of the final section of the Yorkshire TT.

You head down the steep hill, slaloming your descent of Clay Bank around lefts and rights through the evergreen woodland on the hillsides. As the terrain levels off, it is back to farmland as you approach the village of Great Broughton where you head straight across the crossroads and on out of the village.

Between Great Broughton and Stokesley you have your last chance to take in some country road bends before you get to a roundabout adjacent the Stokesley School where you take the 2nd exit and head into the town centre and onto the High Street.

In Stokesley you have a good amount of places to grab some refreshments a relax and some fuel if needed before you head off to wherever you are going to............ Or before you do the Yorkshire TT in the reverse order to the way you just came.

Here is the elevation profile of this route

When you get the chance to get out and ride the Yorkshire TT please don't forget to grab some photographs, or even better get some video of it and send it over to us on the Facebook Page or tag us on our Instagram so we can show your RIDE off to everyone!!

Here is a link to the route map for those that would like to take a closer look & upload it to their Sat Nav

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