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Squires to Seaways

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

2 great biking cafes, 85 miles of great roads, 1 cracking RIDE!!

A brew at Squires Bikers Cafe starts this RIDE. Those that regularly visit Squires will know how good the riding is right from the gates of the famous cafe.

Heading towards Sherburn-in-Elmet through the narrow rail bridge that many bikes approach at full beans to give the tea drinking bikers a spectacle, you head on a few great miles up one of few slight hills in this area and through the traffic lights in Sherburn. 2 roundabouts after the town and it is the typically flat terrain that is typical of the vale of York and lots of bends to get round before Cawood.

Cawood Bridge

Over the less than convincing manned bridge at Cawood to a long straight then some great bends before the road opens up again and almost asks you to hurry along around a sweeping bend followed by a straight then more quick S bends to the T junction at the A19.

If you want, at this stage there is a route that takes you through Weldrake and Elvington, this is a good option however the roads can get a little small and it can take away from the pace of the ride which is otherwise a good leg stretch. For this reason this ride takes us briefly towards York on the A19 and 1 junction along the A64 before exiting at the sign for Bridlington and the A166.

The 3rd exit off the roundabout takes you towards and through Stamford Bridge, still on flat winding roads and due to the low level, flat ground you can see a good way ahead which allows you to push on and progress nicely on this great bit of road past Full Sutton Prison and to the base of Garrowby Hill.

This is the start of the Yorkshire Wolds and boy do you know it, from riding pancake flat roads since Squires you are now faced with a steep incline that takes you up onto the top of the Wolds.

Depending on the time of day and if it is a school holiday or what not this part of the ride can clog up a little with people driving to the coast the scenic way. There are plenty of opportunities for overtaking however so this is just a side note.

Now up on the Wolds the road becomes more undulating which adds another level to the ride and makes for a great approach to Seaways Cafe at the far side of Fridaythorpe.

As you exit Fridaythorpe Village there is a fuel station on the left which is ideal for those with limited range in their tanks and as you are stopping less than a mile away why not get a splash and dash before filling yourself with good food or a welcomed hot drink at the cafe.

Seaways Cafe is a small but hugely popular for local riders, as well as riders heading to the beautiful Yorkshire coast on a full days riding along the stunning roads that are further east.

If you haven't ridden the Yorkshire coast between Hull and up towards Teeside you absolutely should - the RIDE will cover these amazing roads in another blog soon.

Back to this great little friendly cafe......

The place itself shouldn't be anything special (similar to most great bikers spots) however it is the chilled atmosphere, friendly staff and great riding directly from here staff that makes the bikers keep coming back.

Following your stop at the cafe, it is time to head back to Squires. The options here are to do the ride you have just done in reverse which is actually a great option due to the views you get from the top of Garrowby hill. For this blog though we are going to cover the loop RIDE that heads towards Market Weighton.

Turn left on the A166 which is basically continuing on the road you came into the cafe on. This straight road into Wetwang is a nice way to stretch the bikes legs after your snack break.

Into Wetwang and a right turn towards Beverly takes you out of the village on a great road to the roundabout that joins the A614 that will take you around Market Weighton and on to Holme-on-Spalding Moor, a decent bit of road that dissects a number of small villages and over a number of roundabouts between arable farmland filled with the season's crops.

At Holme-on-Spalding Moor you take the exit of the mini-roundabout towards Selby where you are now fully back within the flatness of the Vale of York, and the hills that you have just come from have once again been replaced by flat winding roads.

The rest of this ride is filled with more quick, flat and winding roads. It skims around the Selby bypass and down the locally famous (or infamous) Hambleton straight before heading through Monk Fryston and returning to Squires via the old A1.

Here is a link to the route map for those that would like to take a closer look & upload it to their Sat Nav

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