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Season Opener 2020 - Spine of England

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

As if a season opener would be anything but EPIC!!! The 29th March - start of British summertime!!

**** UPDATE (22/03/2020) - the 29th March is no longer the designated date for people to get out and take this ride on due to the current global situation regarding Covid19. Should you want to use the route, it will remain active on this site for you to use at your leisure. ****

The North England season opener will take you along the spine of England, through 3 - Yes THREE of the best motorcycling areas the UK has to offer:

  • Peak District National Park

  • Yorkshire Dales National Park

  • North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Following the Pennines from South to North or North to South - whichever suits you best, this route takes in some truly amazing scenery and fantastic biking roads.

Not only have we taken the time to put together 200 miles (well just short, but who's counting) of awesome motorcycle riding, we have also considered your hunger and provided a food/drink stop at a very well known roadside bikers cafe Ladybower Cafe, here you can grab a brew and a hot sandwich standing alongside the Ladybower Reservoir where the famous bouncing bomb testing was carried out, admiring the great views of the hills on all sides from the valley bottom. The next food stop we have specifically included into the route is the Tan Hill Inn, here you will be able to grab a bite to eat and a drink of your choice in the highest Inn in England.

Stand Out Points

The route takes you on some amazing roads and through various places; but in everything there are stand-out points that are worth noting. We have taken this opportunity to make these three our stand-out parts of the ride.

We would love to hear from you following the ride to see if you agree with us on these or if you found any other parts to be your stand out points.

Strines Pass

Often overlooked as it is less travelled than the very popular Snake Pass. Strines Pass has recently had a new surface which makes a brilliant stretch of road EVEN BETTER!!. It is quick (if you like) but it is also technical in places due to the steep gradients and hairpin bend sections.

It is fun to ride but worth noting the gravel that can get washed down the declines towards the hairpins. You will not be disappointed with this little gem!

Holme Moss

The ascent and decent to Holme Moss is spectacular in either direction. It is winding and steep in parts but not so winding that you can't have a play and twist the throttle a little.

The viewpoint car park at the summit near the imposing Holme Moss tower provides northbound views for miles on clear days, looking out over the neighbouring Huddersfield and it's Yorkshire countryside spread out in panoramic glory for you to enjoy.

This is a must if you have never visited this spot before, chill out and a few photos of your bike in front of the scenery and it is back on your way!

Buttertubs Pass

As described by Jeremy Clarkson "England's only truly spectacular road" (I'd like to say that I personally think there are multiple spectacular sections of road in England for the record). This is a great riding road with a steep drop off to one side and steep incline to the other as you traverse the side of this brilliant limestone valley cutting through the Yorkshire Dales countryside.

If you want to make a weekend of it

We 100% get that riding a 200 mile route of great riding roads as well as getting to an from the route is something that most will want to avoid, especially if you have a journey to get to either starting point.

This is why we have included this link to accommodation in both the start and end locations below:

Accommodation in Alston

Accommodation in Ashbourne

On the day

As always our rides are free to take and use with your own riding buddies. We would love as many people as possible to take this opportunity to get out and ride this epic route on the same day but this doesn't mean we all have to do it together, some will want to push on, others will want to stop more frequently, some may only want to do part of the route. All of these are good with us. All we ask is you get out and enjoy this route on your bikes!!

Want to join our guys for the day?

If you would like to join our team that are riding this route on the day you are more than welcome. We will be riding from South to North and meeting in the Market Square in Ashbourne at 08:00 and setting off on the route at 08:30 and aiming for breakfast at Ladybower Cafe at 09:30ish.

Our plan will include various stops for taking in certain viewpoints and refreshment breaks, and fuel stops will be maximum of 80 miles between them to account for bikes with less capacity fuel tanks.

Links to download the route

Click on the links below to take you to the routes that you can download and use on the day.

Here is a link to the MyRoute-App file that you can download and use on multiple formats for use with your sat nav.

Here is a link to the Google Map version of the route.

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