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Pulse of the Moors

The Pulse of the Moors event is a brilliant day's riding through the fantastic North York Moors.

As with all of our RIDEs we provide you with a great route that you can complete at your own pace and with your own friends or riding groups - It is not necessarily a group ride, however there is nothing wrong with joining with a group for the day and potentially making a few new riding friends.

Where does the RIDE go....

Key points of this ride are:

Helmsley - Start of the ride (or end if you decide to start at Scarborough)

The Yorkshire TT - A well known brilliant 20 mile stretch of road between Helmsley & Stokesley.

For a good insight into the Yorkshire TT click on the below photo to take you to our blog post about this great bit of road!!

The Lion Inn - A great pub located on the Moor top between Castleton & Hutton-Le-Hole

Great pub for lunch, located on a brilliant stretch of road, a good place for a leg stretch following completion of the Yorkshire TT and the smaller, narrower roads between. Also grab some refreshments before hitting the winding road between here and Hutton-Le-Hole.

The brilliant and popular road between Pickering and Whitby

Around the stunning Hole of Horcum is where you will pass photographers from Biker Pics...... These guys will be grabbing photographs of everyone taking part on this great day of biking.

Don't forget to be ready to give them a wave or look extra cool in this area!!

The above are just a select few of the great parts of this whole RIDE. There are so many and we can't wait to see your favourite parts on the social media platforms following completion of this brilliant day out on the bike!!

A rough schedule for this day out

The guys from theRIDEuk will be taking this ride in the following order:

Should you want to join us as a group, please let the guys wearing theRIDEuk hoodies know and please be fuelled and ready for the below times.

10:30-11:00 - Meet at the Market Square in Helmsley

11:00 - Set off on the 1st half of the ride

12:30-13:00 - Brew and/or bite at the Lion Inn (times are approximate)

13:00 - Leave the Lion Inn (times are approximate)

15:00 - 15:30 - Brew at Pickering and fuel if needed (times are approximate)

15:30 - Leave Pickering (times are approximate)

16:30 - 17:00 - Arrive at Oasis Cafe and the end of the RIDE (times are approximate)

Here is a link to the route map for those that would like to take a closer look & upload it to their Sat Nav

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