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Proud Partnership with MyRoute-app

Due to the nature of theRIDEuk and the great RIDEs that are being produced by you, our readers - along with our guys that take their bikes and are trying new RIDEs, in the hope of finding some great routes to share with everyone in the hope that this resource gives people new ideas for great days out on your motorcycle - It makes sense that we partnered up with one of the best route planning apps.

It is our pleasure to announce our new partnership with MyRoute-app.

What this means to our readers?

  • Multi-format maps that you can directly upload to your sat nav

  • Our routes can be more detailed with points of interest embedded into the route that will transfer onto your sat nav

  • No more needing to use web based converter software to suit your sat nav format

How this partnership can benefit our readers!

  • If you decide you would like to use MyRoute-app yourself you can download it and use a free limited version

  • Our readers get 1 month MyRoute-app Gold membership for free

  • Our readers also get 15% off Gold annual or Gold lifetime plans should you decide to continue after your 1 month free!!

How do you go about getting your free 30 day trial & 15% discount......

This is the easy part. Follow the link below & input the code below

  1. Follow this link - www.myrouteapp.com/go

  2. Enter this code - THERIDEUK

  3. From here you can create an account or login if already a member & retrieve your free 30 days and subsequent 15% discount thereafter.

Here is a screenshot of route planning using the MyRoute-app mobile site

Here is a screenshot of using the Navigation by MyRoute-app mobile site

Over the next week or so all of our previouse blog RIDEs will be changed to this format and will be available to upload to your sat nav with ease. All routes will also be included on theRIDEuk group on MyRoute-app so please feel free to jump on there to find them.

Safe roads

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