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Modern day Cafe Racer - Yorkshire

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

As the boom in modern cafe racers continues to grow, we thought why not revisit those great images of bikers meeting their pals and blasting between the great bike spots in their area, and do something in 2019 to tip the cap to the original cafe racer era!!

The Yorkshire bike scene as a whole is brilliant - with bike stops all over the place, amazing riding and online communities of bikers that are booming, such as Yorkshire County Bikers & Sheffield & Yorkshire Bikers being great community resources for riding in the region. If you aren't a member of these groups why not click on the names and give them a visit. Obviously there is theRIDEuk Facebook page and group that you should get along to too!!

We decided to put together a modern day cafe racer route visiting, what we think are 3 great places in Yorkshire that are solely targeted at bikers and bike lifestyle, all with their own take on what it is to be a bike venue in 2019.

Lets take a look at each place individually

Squires Bikers Cafe

Squires has generations of heritage under it's belt.

The original "Milk Bar" opened in 1954 and was an extremely popular local and national spot for bikers, sometimes bringing the town of Sherburn-in-Elmet to a stand still. Squires moved in 2002 to the large premises it is located in today and even with the very large plot of land it can still be a difficulty to find a parking space on a hot summer Wednesday evening or weekend.

Squires Bikers Cafe is exactly what is says on the tin - a friendly great place to stop on your bike for a bite to eat and a drink before setting off to any one of the amazing riding routes that are available from this prime location.

Squires also holds a lot of events throughout the year, with the largest being the Rock & Bike Show which is a full weekend, full on rock show, with some great bands and a cracking atmosphere.

Down & Out Motorcycles

The Rotherham based bike builders have a great set-up with a cafe that does great food, all the cool merchandise and obviously the bikes they are famous for building.

Some really cool stuff in here. Bikes that will especially appeal to the hipster crowd, as well as potentially swaying the sports bike guys to something a little more retro looking maybe.....

D&O cafe does some fantastic burgers as well as breakfasts - all in an uber trendy atmosphere of chipboard lined walls and exposed steelwork.

Jem Speedshop

Jem Speedshop opened in 2017 and is a 1 of a kind place to visit in the Leeds/Bradford area. It has everything from a great collection of used bikes for sale, a fantastic Diner, a barbers & a tattoo shop!!!

With parking directly out front you are immediately into the newly renovated Jem Pitstop for some very tasty (probably really bad for you) options on the menu. Obviously you need to have a good browse of the bikes (from old fizzy's to almost new top end superbikes and anything between) and look at toys you can't afford or probably aren't allowed to afford as is in my case. Then maybe think about getting a haircut or a tattoo.

All this under the same roof!!

The Modern Day Cafe Racer route is a mixture of some semi-urban and a lot of rural riding on A & B roads that vary in size and speed and is a great way to get between the 3 great venues in a triangle of motorcycle action with your riding buddies. It is by no means the only way, just a great way and one that keeps away from the Motorway and gives plenty of fun whilst blasting between the tea stops.

It is 90ish miles in total so in effect you could do this as a casual day of relaxing at each place for an hour before getting between the cafes. Have breakfast at the 1st, snack at the 2nd and another bite to eat at the 3rd - Winner!!

It is a loop so can be completed in any order to suit where you are coming from and will offer up some good fun for a day out with pals. We would love to see some photos from people taking up this ride and if there are any photographers in your group that can get some authentic feeling retro cafe racer style photos that would be immense!!

Here is a link to the route map for those that would like to take a closer look & upload it to their Sat Nav

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