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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

After a good while in various different riders groups and social media groups one thing I noticed was that everything seemed to be more about the brand of bikes or model of bikes that people have and less so about what they are doing and where they are going, enjoying their machines.

After looking into finding a good resource for good quality riding information and amazing photos of people actually getting out there and doing it I came up with very little - so the RIDE was born!!

Who wouldn't want to ride this beauty - Credit Pete Jeffery. Lancashire, UK

What is the goal for the RIDE?

The RIDE is a place to come and find out where is amazing to ride, what areas, what counties, right down to which stretch of road is just an awesome RIDE.

Our social media channels are where people can post their images and locations of their rides. From these posts we may contact posters to give us an insight into what it has to offer for people. We will then write a blog post for readers to see and then go ride the same route in the future.

Maybe one of these routes that we have been made aware of will become one of the "secret RIDEs"!!

What can you expect from the RIDE?!

Simply - Lots of real life insights from real people about amazing RIDEs

Furthermore we are hoping that the social channels will grow in popularity as the 2019 riding season revs up for a start as well as those hardcore lot that are braving the good old British weather, or even those who have gone away to sunnier climates to get some riding in.

Basically a good place to see great photos of amazing riding and find out more about new places to ride yourself.

European road trip - Credit Pete Jeffery, Lancashire, UK


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