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Lincolnshire Wolds - Guy Martin's for Brekkie then Fish & Chips at Cleethorpes!!

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

What's not to like??!! A beautiful 70+ mile RIDE on the Lincolnshire Wolds, packed between a great bikers breakfast at Guy Martin's pub and some cracking seaside fish & chips at Cleethorpes.

This RIDE starts at the Marrowbone & Cleaver pub. This pub is owned by Guy Martin and his sister Sally. It is a great little pub that does a really decent breakfast, and if you time it right you may be able to say hello to Guy, as he is often there when his schedule allows it.

The pub is in the village of Kirmington which is only a few miles from junction 5 of the M180, this makes it easy to get to from most places in the region.

When you have had your fill of breakfast it is helmet on time!!

From the Marrowbone & Cleaver you head out of Kirmington and past the side of Humberside Airport. Here you climb steadily to the tops of the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. These hills are a bikers playground full of great winding roads that have a lot to offer to people, no matter what you are riding.

For this RIDE we have chosen a quick flowing 1st half followed by a slightly more winding 2nd half and almost all of it within the AONB. There are so many different variations you can select in this area and we would love to see these if you have any recommendations.......

As you head up the hill from sea level through the patchwork of cropped fields, the typical landscape for Lincolnshire and will be your surroundings for almost all of this ride. One thing this does bring, is mud at field entrances or kamikaze tractors - but that is all good sport, right!!

The road up the hill is a single width but of good quality and decent enough to briskly climb to the wolds. At the give way you are continuing straight on, here the road becomes a normal width and opens out a touch.

At the main offset crossroads you are heading straight over in a dogleg to get on to the B1225 which is a really quick and fun road that hugs the western ridge of the Wolds. Due to this, you get great views over to the right of the incredible flatness of the rest of Lincolshire.

Whilst we don't condone speeding these roads are extremely tempting to roll the throttle towards yourself and get a wiggle on. The B1225 is actually a truly great biking road that takes you on a brilliant journey down the full western edge of the Wolds that includes everything a biker wants from a road. It is 20 miles on the same road that changes elevations, has long straights and takes you through a lot of bends of varying degrees before you come to the junction with the A158.

At the junction you head left where you continue straight through Horncastle and on to Hagworthingham. You turn Left just before you leave the 40mph zone at the far side of Hagworthingham village at the crossroads signposted for Harrington / Brinkhill.

From here the road is back to being a touch more narrow and a lot more winding so brings a different aspect to the section you just completed on the way to Horncastle.

Once you have wound your way through this tight section you come to the give way at the Massingberd Arms pub.

Cadwell Park Circuit

Here you are turning left and onto the more flowing but still beautifully bendy road that takes you up hill to the junction with the A153. At this junction you are turning right on to the open flowing and quick "A road" from the centre the Wolds, past Cadwell Park racetrack and across to the eastern boundary where you turn left and are briefly on the A16 to the next roundabout where you turn left and back into the centre of the wolds along the A631.

A right turn at the top of the hill (about 6 miles from the roundabout) takes you to the village of Binbrook. You head into the heart of the busy little village where you come to the T junction with the B1203 that is signposted Grimsby to the right.

You follow the Grimsby sign and head right, from here you are making the downward journey down hill out of the Lincolnshire Wolds and on towards the seaside town of Cleethorpes.

In Cleethorpes there is motorcycle parking at the pier which is right in the heart of this typical east coast seaside town where you can have hours of fun with a pocket full of 2 pence pieces and eat great fish & chips following this little beauty of a ride!!

Here is a link to the route map for those that would like to take a closer look & upload it to their Sat Nav

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