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Lincolnshire Ton

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

100 miles of rural roads around the Lincolnshire flat lands.

We would love to get some feedback from people that would like to hit up this 100 mile ride from Newark.

Lincolnshire Riding

This generally very flat region provides an abundance of rural roads varying in classification from main A roads to some roads that best resemble dirt tracks due to the amount of agriculture in the region.

This route is a mixture of everything and will provide a decent afternoon blast for people living local to the area and can be a good bolt on for people riding from the East Midlands and Yorkshire as part of a longer day out on the bike.

It will give you a great insight to this area of the UK that is brilliant for riding motorcycles due to the amount of open space. The region is mainly open farmland with sporadic small towns and small picturesque villages dotted around the area.

Often the roads are open sided giving great visibility around upcoming corners unlike other areas such as Devon with it's high hedges and Yorkshire with many dry stone wall lined rural roads.

This route goes off the beaten track as previously mentioned, taking you down roads that I'd be pretty confident in saying, you wouldn't have taken otherwise. Some may not be super fast and flowing but will get you away from some of the busier roads, especially if it is a sunny summers day.

If you are the type to take a flask and a sandwich and take your stops at quiet locations rather than at busier cafes, the roads in the northern part of this route will provide plenty of opportunities for you to hop off, take a snap of your bike and grab a brew.

In summary

A great way to spend your day in the Lincolnshire area rather than sticking to all the more common routes and destinations.

Give us a shout on our Facebook and Instagram when you get the chance to give this route a go and let us know your thoughts on it.

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