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Knaresborough to Pateley Bridge - 1 hour RIDE

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

This is a regular summer RIDE for me. It can be completed within 1 hour - It is a route I do on my lunch hour to get rid of any stresses of the work day.

This RIDE lends itself to a solo ride or small group as it is a lot of fun to take at a good pace.

The roads are brilliant and you only have Knaresborough and Pateley Bridge in the way of built up areas, these are only small towns so you are quickly out of them and back to the open countryside.

It is worth noting that there is a 40mph zone heading out of Knaresborough towards Ripley Castle which extends a good way and you can sometimes come across a bobby with a speed gun here.

Once clear of the houses and 40mph zone the road teases you to gather speed with the road bounding up and down over slight hills and round a couple of quick bends up to a tight left hand bend near Nidd Hall. From here the bends come thick and fast in varying degrees, the majority of which are beneath a shadow casting treetop canopy before reaching the roundabout at Ripley Castle.

Right at the roundabout following the A61 sign to the next roundabout where it is the 2nd exit for Pateley Bridge and the awesome B6165 to Pateley Bridge.

Between the roundabout at Ripley and Pateley Bridge is a great collection of hills, forest and valley roads that all have great views and some really fantastic riding.

Special mention to the village of Bedlam, I really enjoy places with great names. This is however very ironic as the village of Bedlam is anything but chaos, it is calm and peacefully rural as you unleash your horsepower on the way through.

Quick straights and great bends as you enter the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding National Beauty through small quaint villages and eventually reaching the descent into the town of Pateley Bridge.

Entry into the town is via a steep narrow building lined high street that resonates your exhaust tone as you engine break down the hill reveling in the symphony of your machine.

At the base of the high street there is the option to stop at the car park that has specific motorcycle parking right next to a decent cafe at the side of the River Nidd.

If you are just passing through it is straight across the stone built bridge over the River Nidd and up the very steep hill that ascends from the valley bottom rapidly to the moor tops.

As you level out from the climb the trees disappear and the road opens out giving you a great view to your right. The road here allows stunning views of this magnificent area from it's vantage point high up on the hilltop.

You enter the 40mph zone at Greenhow Village and will be turning left shortly. As you pass down into the village and take the left hand bend that starts climbing again it is here that the sign for Blubberhouses tells you to turn onto the fast flowing road over the tops towards Blubberhouses.

The road to Blubberhouses takes you up and over the hilltops on long quick straights with bends that are just right for maintaining some pace through and getting the heart pumping a little.

Over to the right in the valley is Thruscross Reservoir which you can spot at various points if you are taking it at a leisurely pace rather than looking for the apex of the next bend.

This 7 mile stretch of brilliance is culminated by a relatively steep winding descent beneath a covering of trees to the A59 where you turn left to Harrogate.

The A59 is a main road for all vehicles heading between the A1 and Skipton so this means this bit of road is likely to be busy with cars, vans & lorries most days of the week. It is also popular with the local police as a hotspot for speeding, so it is a good job you just used your adrenaline on the last part, right?!

From here you head towards Ripley again and turn right at the Ripley roundabout, taking the 1st section of this ride in reverse before ending back up at Knaresborough.

Here is a link to the route map for those that would like to take a closer look & upload it to their Sat Nav

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