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Covid19 and motorcycling

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

We are going through a very strange time at the moment with regard to the worldwide pandemic Covid19.


The UK has stepped up the level stating only necessary journeys to and from work IF you are a key worker. Our advice would be to get your very best polishing rags out and give the bikes a good fettling until we are out of the other side of this Covid-19 thing.

While ever the UK is not locked down people are advised to distance themselves socially from others not directly within their household - As of today 22/03/2020 it is also necessary to distance yourself within your own home if someone is within a group of high risk conditions.

What does this have to do with biking...........?

Hobbies that don't involve close proximity to others are still recommended to promote mental stability. We all know how good it feels to get out on the bike, all other things fade away as we concentrate on the next corner, the braking point, the car pulling out from that junction that may not have seen us........ Basically our escape to doing what we as bikers love!

There are a few things to consider when heading out on the bike at this time:

Who are you going out with?

We all have our good riding buddies that we have shared many miles together on the road, we have a good laugh together and enjoy spending time together. It may be better at this time to meet on route, ride together and leave at a point that suits you without stopping and putting one another at risk.

How are you riding?

With the NHS preparing for heightened demand with regard to the Covid19 virus it is worth considering that if you have an incident that requires emergency treatment you may be putting yourself at risk by needing to go to hospitals where infection will be more prevalent and will be using emergency service resource that is needed elsewhere.

Where are you riding?

It may take the emergency services longer to get to you in the event of an incident, especially in more remote areas that are often the places we as motorcyclists head to when out on the bike.

What range does your bike have?

Not a problem currently (as far as we know) but as things move further into the pandemic there may be a risk of fuel stations - especially in more remote areas having fuel so may be worth planning shorter rides that can be completed on 1 tank of fuel to prevent getting caught out.

Motorcycle cafes & meeting places

With public places such as cafes, bars, gyms and clubs being told to close there should be less places to go and stop off.

Some places however are still attempting to offer "takeaway" food and drinks that you can eat on site, just not indoors - like any of us sit indoors anyway....... Whilst we understand that businesses want to maintain operation as long as is possible, it is this type of behaviour that pushes people to still visit the venues and as such risk themselves, people they come into contact with and the families of all concerned.

Our advice is to remain away from usual places as long as is necessary and hopefully things will return to normal soon and you can go support your local bikers cafe once things have passed and are all clear.

Why we should stick to guidance?

Whilst we can go out for a little blast we still have our hobby lets do it sensibly. It may get to the point that things get fully locked down and we no longer have the choice.

This will happen if people continue to go against government guidance.

From us all at theRIDEuk we hope you and your friends and family stay safe and healthy in this very strange time. We hope it all sorts itself out very soon and we can all crack on as normal.

In the meantime we would love to hear from our subscribers. If you have a hidden gem of a ride that you would like to provide us with the details we can get it published on the website for others to enjoy once things improve. Please email us on info@therideuk.co.uk and we can get all the details of your ride and get it put together and published on the blog.


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