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Covid-19 Series - Galloway Forrest Alternative Route - Border to Glasgow

Embracing southern Scotland. Chances are you will have ridden in Scotland, if not you absolutely should. Most blast straight up the M74 or A1 from England and past the central belt, heading for the famous Highlands. In doing this you are seriously missing some treats.

Our Covid-19 ideas series is here to give you something to look forward to once we are able to get out for leisure on the bikes. These routes are not necessarily where we have been - more where we would like to go.

We invite our subscribers and readers to get in touch if you have amazing routes that you may have ridden or may be planning on riding, and would like to share them with other readers so that they can get on their bikes and enjoy them once we are able to do so.


Here is a brilliant alternative route between the Scotland/England border and Glasgow. This point to point route takes in the fantastic Galloway Forrest Park, winding roads, hills, forrests & lochs in a wicked 180 miles of a lesser traveled area of Scotland.

Great travelling in either direction, and perfect way to add a day to any Scotland tour or for any local guys going for a solid day out on the bike.

Waypoint 1 - 6

This section is a necessary jaunt on the A75 which is a pleasant dual carriageway but still a dual carriageway and not something we would usually choose. Needs must to get to the really good stuff without adding a hell of a lot of time to what will already be a good amount of time in the seat.

Waypoint 6 - 18

This whole section is either inside or on the fringes of Galloway Forrest Park. It is what this route is all about.

  • Amazing Scenery

  • Great roads

  • Lochs

  • Hills

  • Valleys

Another brilliant aspect of this route is the lack of other traffic you generally get in this area (don't blame us if you pick the day everyone else decides to go there) so you often get the chance to hit that point where it is you, your bike, the road and the scenery. Bliss!

Waypoint 18 - 27

This section is through the rural country lanes in the low laying land that dissects the towns of Ayr and Kilmarnoch.

Here the roads are slightly wider than those found in the Galloway Forrest Park, they are a lot more flowing and a chance for some fun around the bends.

We have identified a route that doesn't hit any of the more majour roads in the area. There is however an option here to take the A77/A78 if you are a little pushed for time to get you between the Galloway Forrest Park and the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park.

If you do have the time however, these country lanes offer some fab riding.

Waypoint 27 - 33

Here the route gets back to hills and up to the wilds of the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park.

Following passing through the small town of Dalry it is back to great roads and roads that you can let some of the horses in the engine loose on too. Between Dalry and Largs the road is good quality with hills either side as you pass the 2 reservoirs, Muirhead and Camphill before making a short descent to the coast at Largs.

From Largs is 15 miles of small winding single track roads taking you over the tops and on towards the river Clyde at Greenoch.

Slightly off piste

Its at this point that it is worth noting that just slightly down the coast from Largs is Ardrossan where you can get the ferry to Campbeltown for approximately £20, this would be a brilliant option for those wanting to hit something a little different if heading further north.

The Kintyre Peninsula is a stunning area and well worth a visit.

From the south, pick a side and blast up with a shoulder to the water and you will find yourself at Loch Fyne ready for some of that special seafood.

Waypoint 33 - 38

This section is included to get you back on track for all west coast access via the A82 past Loch Lomond and on up to the Highlands. Not too much to write about here, just a few miles of dual carriageway running parallel to the River Clyde to get you to the Erskine Bridge.

This is a brilliant route option to take tourers away from the M74, Give those more local a great day riding or give people exploring lower Scotland a great bolt on to their trip.

We look forward to seeing people taking this route on once the restrictions have eased and life has got back on track.


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