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Covid-19 Ideas Series - Perth Northwest Round Tour

Hills, Lochs and more heading out from Perth.

Our Covid-19 ideas series is here to give you something to look forward to once we are able to get out for leisure on the bikes. These routes are not necessarily where we have been - more where we would like to go.

We invite our subscribers and readers to get in touch if you have amazing routes that you may have ridden or may be planning on riding, and would like to share them with other readers so that they can get on their bikes and enjoy them once we are able to do so.

As part of our Covid-19 Ideas Series, this gem of a route covers a brilliant area that is often left out by touring motorcyclists, as this is usually bypassed on route to the NC500 further north.

The route starts directly off the A9 which is the main artery from central to northern Scotland. The Glover Arms pub serves good food if you are wanting some food however there are plenty of opportunities for food stops along the route.

At the opposite side of the A9 is a Tesco fuel station so you can start with a full tank.

Below is a brief description of the route, broken down into small sections and highlighting some points of interest. We have provided streetview images to give an idea of what you can expect along with a small screen indication as to where the streetview image is along the route.

The total distance is 156 miles of winding roads, ascending and descending the fantastic terrain in this area. This may mean that even the larger fuel capacity bikes will probably require a fuel stop during the ride. Distances from the start to the fuel stops highlighted are:

Fuel stop 1 - 40 miles

Fuel stop 2 - 110 miles

Waypoint 1 - 14

The 1st part of this route is along winding but generally flat roads along a valley basin with hills to your right, in the direction that you will be travelling.

Waypoint 14 strays slightly off the route but is worth it to catch a glimpse of the Iron Man of Loch Earn. A sculpture standing in the shallows of the loch and looking towards the eastern bank.

Waypoint 14 - 18

This section skirts the southern and western banks of Loch Earn avoiding the busier A85 to the north of the loch. For those wanting a quicker section the A85 may be more suitable here and will bring you back to the route at Lochearnhead.

Waypoint 18 - 22

Up and over the hill on the wider, quicker A85 winding the incline and slight decline to the fuel station just after the junction for Killin. If no fuel is required head straight for Killin.

Waypoint 22 - 24

Good, quick, sweeping roads in this section allow for a bit more pace. At waypoint 23 there is the Falls of Dochart. Depending how you catch it this can be anything from a slow flow of water over the exposed rocks or a white frothing torrent. Either way it is a popular stop off point when in the area.

Waypoint 24 - 29

This has been identified as a spectacular section due to the scenery here. It adds 10 miles and deviates you away from Loch Tay but boy is it worth it.

Navigating all the way around the imposing Ben Lawers, rising through dense forestry up to beautiful views of the rugged scenery along a single track road that many don't travel along.

Waypoint 29 - 40

Typical single track roads for the region form pretty much everything in this section. Winding through thick forestry past small Lochs and Lochans, up and down steep hillsides over the tops to enter the next valley

Waypoint 40 is in Kinloch Rannoch here there is a number of places to grab a bite to eat or a brew. A list of local spots can be found here.

Waypoint 40 - 61

Between Kinloch Rannoch and Pitlochry is approximately 20 miles of mainly single width road, passing through lochside woodland and traversing the valley through the Tay Forrest Park.

At waypoint 53 is the Queens View visitor centre with the viewpoint overlooking the valley to the west that you have just ridden along. HERE is a link to the Queens View Visitor Centre website.

Waypoint 61 - 63

Pitlochry is a busy small town with most things you can expect to find on most high streets available here as well as a good amount of tourist shops and attractions.

We have highlighted the 2 distilleries in the town as our recommendations because who doesn't want to visit a distillery when close-by.

To the south of the town is the 2nd fuel station we have identified along this route, and is an opportunity to grab a tank full before heading back up into the hills for the final third of this route.

Waypoint 63 - 69

Here you follow the River Tay through the valley to the town of Aberfeldy. The roads have now widened from the single width roads you were getting used to prior to reaching Pitlochry. Smooth bends allow you to flow through the corners as the road parallels the river through the valley back up to the Tay Forrest Park.

Waypoint 69 - 78

From Aberfeldy you ascend the hills to the south up to Amulree. Brilliant roads with a good potential to have a play on the awesome roads through 30 miles of hills and beautiful views before arriving back to the starting location at the Glover Arms.

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