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Covid-19 Ideas Series - Norfolk/Suffolk Roundtour supplied by Jemma King

Winding roads, coastal towns and riding by the sea!

Our Covid-19 ideas series is here to give you something to look forward to once we are able to get out for leisure on the bikes. These routes are not necessarily where we have been - more where we would like to go.

We invite our subscribers and readers to get in touch if you have amazing routes that you may have ridden or may be planning on riding, and would like to share them with other readers so that they can get on their bikes and enjoy them once we are able to do so.

Starting just outside Ipswich this route heads north to take in almost the full Norfolk coastline. A lunch stop for fish and chips in Cromer breaks things up nicely before heading south down the coast through Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft before completing the route at the same location as the start.

Lunch stop at Cromer

From the start to the coast

This route in general, is very open and freeflowing allowing for a spirited ride if you want to. Even the "B" roads are good quality and relatively open.

Though the terrain is flat in this region the roads are extremely well suited for riding motorcycles.

At the seaside

At Hunstanton you reach the seaside and ride along the sea front. Through the small town, past the arcades and then on into the Norfolk Coast AONB.

Here open roads follow the coastline through stunning little villages filled with houses made in the local way with large pebble covered walls framed by brick edging and fields filled with the season's crops.

A well deserved break for fish and chips at Cromer, a paddle in the sea, few coppers in the arcades before heading back off for the return leg of the route down the east coast.

The return leg

From Cromer on the north Norfolk coast the route now heads southeast towards Great Yarmouth. Again winding, open flowing bends take you inland slightly before once again reaching the coast at Great Yarmouth.

From Great Yarmouth it is more of the same through Lowestoft and then following the A12 back to the start point and the end of the ride.

We would like to say thank you to Jemma for supplying this route. Please check out Jemma's Instagram account to see what she is up to on the bike right here: https://instagram.com/bikerwithabag?igshid=tdf5lxnb5t08

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